Splitter to play with Brazil over the summer?

According to Brazilian writer Paulo Roberto of basketbrasil.com.br, Tiago Splitter will make his decision to play with the Brazilian team in early July. Splitter wants to see what is going to happen with the NBA’s potential lockout situation before agreeing to play with the Brazilian national team.tiago

I used a translator tool to interpret the article, so please be wary.

On [his] page on Twitter , the pivot of the Brazilian San Antonio Spurs Tiago Splitter reiterated his desire to play for the national team in green and yellow Pre-Olympic Tournament of the Americas in Argentina, but made ​​clear that the decision will only be taken from July, depending what happens in the NBA with the threat of a strike.

Here is Splitter’s actual message on his Twitter page:

Pra quem ta perguntando sobre a selecao, nao vou saber nada certo ate julho..Mas deixo claro que minha intencao eh jogar com a amarelinha…

In other words, should the NBA lockout go into effect, then Splitter might be playing this summer in Argentina with the Brazilian team. 

Hopefully, there won’t be a lockout and instead he’ll spend the summer preparing for his second season with the Spurs, in which he is to be a more vital player in the rotation.

Aside from Splitter potentially playing in the summer, Spurs’ Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker will be playing for their respective home country teams this summer in Olympic qualifiers.

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