Quarter by quarter visual of game three

The San Antonio Spurs dropped last night’s game three to the Memphis Grizzlies 91-88 bringing the series to 2-1, Memphis with the lead.

The Grizzlies once again were led by their big man duo of Marc Gasol (17 points) and Zach Randolph (25 points) but let’s take a look, literally, at how the Spurs lost this game to the Grizzlies.

First Quarter:

After the first quarter, Memphis had a 29-20 lead and as you can see, they mostly did their damage in the paint while San Antonio were relying on the outside shots which were not falling.

SA v MEM 1st Q

Second Quarter:

In the second quarter, the Spurs kept it close scoring 22 points to Memphis’ 23. The Spurs were getting most of their scoring done in the paint while Memphis went cold from the outside. Still, the Grizzlies continued to pound it in the paint.

SA v MEM 2nd Q

Third Quarter:

Here you can see the Spurs closing in on the Grizzlies by getting the job done in the paint as they scored 24 points to Memphis’ 19 points. However, they were still cold from the field but were limiting Memphis to outside shots which they were not making.

SA v MEM $th Q

Fourth Quarter:

In the decisive fourth quarter, the Spurs did a great job at limiting the Grizzlies inside game and actually outscored Memphis 22-20. But as you can see the Spurs were just cold from the outside and the Grizzlies made two three-point shots to ice the game.

OK Spurs fans, what do these shot-charts tell you about last night’s loss to Memphis?

(graphics: espn.com)