Former Sun Shirley says Duncan leads by example

TDFormer NBA player Paul Shirley recently participated in a Q & A with Dime Magazine. The interview is based around his time with the Phoenix Suns and most notably, Steve Nash.

In the piece, he reveals that Nash was a lot like San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan. They’re both leaders and set the example both on, and off of the court.

I was in San Antonio once and talking to somebody in the San Antonio management – I can’t remember who because everyone moves around so much – this person was talking about how they’ve always been lucky because Tim Duncan was their best player and hardest worker.

After the lockout ends, Duncan will get his team ready to make one or two more fights to claim claim glory as he gets set to finsih his NBA career. For Spurs fans and management, Duncan is going to finish as the greatest player to ever wear a Spurs uniform, and he’s arguably already the greatest power forward to play the game.

It’ll be interesting to see if Duncan can finish his career with a championship and ride off into the sunset as another great Spur, David Robinson, did eight years ago.

Paul Garcia

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