ESPN Insider says Spurs are at end of their run

TPESPN Insider Chris Palmer wrote about Texas’ three NBA teams. Palmer felt that the Dallas Mavericks would be the favorites coming into the new season and thinks the San Antonio Spurs are facing the end of their run this coming season.

If there is one.

Palmer states the age, lack of speed and athleticism were the demise to the Spurs. He says all of the pressure will be on general manager R.C. Buford to keep a competitive team around in order for coach Gregg Popovich to keep patrolling the sidelines.

He’s proved he can build and maintain a dynasty. Now he’s got to prove he can rebuild one. Buford won’t likely have the good fortune of rebuilding around an all-time great at his position as the Spurs did in 1997, when Duncan became the cornerstone of their brilliant 15-year run. Those rebuilding efforts also might include finding a new coach, as it’s hard to imagine Popovich, owner of four championship rings, slogging through the basement of the Southwest Division while Buford mines distant lands for the next Ginobili.

Again, Palmer says the Spurs need more youth and speed but he failed to mention the Spurs were able to acquire Kawhi Leonard and draft Cory Joseph back in June. Not to mention the Spurs have young players on the roster namely DeJuan Blair, Tiago Splitter, and Gary Neal.

Palmer also failed to mention that should Antonio McDyess retire, the average age of San Antonio will be 26-years old.

Thoughts Spurs fans? Agree with this take on the Spurs?

Paul Garcia

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