Has the Spurs’ championship window closed?

The San Antonio Spurs have not won an NBA title since 2007 and as early as October, a lot of people are already counting them out and are predicting a possible Los Angeles Lakers- Miami Heat NBA Finals showdown.

This is not new for a team which has been overlooked or even under-appreciated in the past. In fact their “under-the-radar” approach gave them four titles in less than a decade, a fact that not many NBA teams can claim.

How many times did we read or hear that the Spurs are done and yet they kept coming back? Yes they haven’t been a serious threat for the past three years, and people will be quick to point out their aging core as the main reason and dismiss them as title contenders.

Look, the Spurs are better than a year ago. The question is will that be enough to win another title?

For the Spurs, the road to another championship starts with the ‘Big 3’ and as long as they can stay healthy the Spurs will have a chance. But it doesn’t end there, this upcoming season there are more reasons to believe that they can get it done.

This team continue to find ways to stay relevant even as their core ages.

The emergence of George Hill was a welcome surprise last season and he is looking to fill a major role off the Spurs’ bench. DeJuan Blair had a solid rookie season and is primed for a great sophomore year, Richard Jefferson worked hard over the summer for a chance to chase an NBA title and the addition of Tiago Splitter and the return of a healthy Tony Parker on his contract year means the Spurs can compete.

The biggest question that surrounds the Spurs right now is their depth at the small forward position. They have Jefferson and little else.

However, rookie James Anderson appears to be getting comfortable with the team and may have earned a shot at being in the regular playing rotation at small forward. Also, the Spurs could be leaning towards to keep a 14-man roster at the start of the season, plus Ginobili can slide at the three-spot when needed. That means the Spurs might be deeper at the small forward position than originally expected.

Ultimately, the Spurs’ recent moves have kept their championship window open for at least another year and at the same time set a foundation for the future.

With some doubting them yet again, I’m not giving up on the Spurs. Not with a team which has infused some youth to their veteran core and fortified their frontcourt, and certainly not with a team that has a healthy Parker, Ginobili and Duncan in tow.

What are your thoughts? Can the Spurs win another NBA title?