Unsung Player Day: Matt Bonner

Apparently April 14 is not just any other day. A long time ago, in a blogosphere far, far away, fellow NBA Bloguin brother, Don, from With-Malice deemed today, “Unsung Hero” day.

Here is how Don described it:

“April 14th: ‘Unsung Player Day’… we should recognize the guys who toil and work hard every day, for no recognition. Well, today’s your day. In reality, these guys are just as responsible for making the NBA what it is today – every team needs role-players, guys to come on and give that valuable 2-5 minutes. Without them, there is no NBA. I would encourage NBA bloggers to put up an ‘unsung player’ on their blog on April 14th.  What’s an ‘Unsung Player’? A role player who gives his all in the 2-5 minutes he gets per game (try to be definitely under 10 minutes). Someone who doesn’t get a lot of recognition…”

So without further adieu, here is our “Unsung Hero,” Matt Bonner.

Sure he is such an easy target to poke fun. Awkward run, pale-white skin, cheesy grin and full of ginger awesomeness but when it comes down to it, he is a vital role player for the San Antonio Spurs.

He fully understands his role for the Spurs. He isn’t out there to get “star minutes” but out there to spread the floor with his deadly three-point shot for Tim Duncan and other Spurs to operate.

He is willing to do the little things to make a larger impact for the team. Whether it be to be used for 6-fouls on big men such as Amar’e, Gasol, or Odom or nail a timely three if the game is on the line, Bonner definitely has been an unsung hero for the Spurs.

Don’t believe me? Look at his past three games: 13 points against Minnesota, 9 points against Denver, and 19 points against Memphis. Let’s not forget, it was Bonner who helped the Spurs defeat the Orlando Magic in Orlando when the game was on the line dropping 15 points.

This season he is averaging 7.1 points, 3.3 rebounds, shooting 72% from the free-throw line, and 39% from the three-point line in 64 games for San Antonio. Granted his numbers are down from last season but this is mainly due to a hand injury he suffered this season. Also, he has developed a running hook-shot in the lane this season to his repertoire.

However, the question remains: will he be a factor in the playoffs this season? Versus the Dallas Mavericks in last year’s playoff series, he went “ghost” averaging a mere 3.3 points a game as opposed to his season average of 8.2 points.

The fact remains, for as much laughter which is at his expense, Spurs fans know how important he is for the team.

Let’s not also forget, he does like to show off his impressive 2 inch vertical. Take a look!