The Rodeo Road Trip: The Aftermath

Before this year’s Rodeo Road Trip began, I was hopeful that the Spurs will once again use it as precursor for a winning stretch run to close out the regular season.

A quick glance at the schedule, and a 5-3 road trip seemed to be a safe bet. After all, the Spurs would be playing five teams with losing records during their annual road excursion and the Spurs have proven they can beat the teams they should beat.

But early on, the Spurs showed signs of inconsistency. Winning two games against sub .500 teams, the Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Clippers, and then failing to capitalize on two teams with injured stars, the Portland Trailblazers and Los Angeles Lakers.

However, the team concluded the Western part of the trip with a glimmer of hope by pounding a healthy Denver Nuggets team.

Following the All-Star break, and considering that their next three games were against teams with losing records, the Spurs looked poised to make a winning run to the end of the Rodeo Road Trip.

But again, the Spurs failed to take advantage and instead dropped 2 of their last 3 games. Collapsing against the Philadelphia 76ers in the fourth quarter and tiring out against the Detroit Pistons in overtime.

In the end, the Spurs finished the Rodeo Road Trip with a 4-4 record. With the way things are going, the Spurs could be in trouble.

jeffersonbeardedThey started the road trip in 4th place in the West, now the Spurs are holding on to the 7th spot with just a two game lead over current 9th place New Orleans Hornets.

Adding to their woes is the considerable tough schedule the rest of the way. If they continue to be inconsistent, not develop team chemistry and play mediocre defense, things could get ugly for them. And by ugly I mean not making the playoffs for the first time in the Tim Duncan era.

The Spurs could have used the last four games to get them going. But instead, they end up losing too many games they should have won. 

It is said the Rodeo Road Trip is the gauge of how this Spurs team will do in the second half of the season.  A 4-4 record should speak volumes. Spurs fans seen the team’s ability to pick up wins against sub .500 teams during the season but on the road trip they dropped two games to teams with losing records.

If this team wants to keep their dimming hopes alive they have to figure things out now. Any wasted opportunities from here on out could cause their season to end sooner than later.

Maybe in the next few games, they will turn the corner and will finish strong to end the regular season. But Spurs fans may not be holding their breath to see this happen.

The Spurs are not showing a winning attitude right now and it’s understandable if a lot of fans are getting frustrated or have given up on them this season. As for me I’m not counting them out yet. I’m holding on to whatever hope I have left. 

However, Spurs fans keep this in mind. The last time a Spurs team went 4-4 on the Rodeo Road Trip was in 2007 when they won a championship.

What do you think? Do the Spurs have what it takes to turn around their season and get better or have you given up on them? Share us your thoughts.