Spurs vs. Mavericks series Q&A with Brian Cuban

With the San Antonio Spurs facing the Dallas Mavericks in the first-round of the 2010 NBA Playoffs, who better to turn to than Brian Cuban, brother of Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, to discuss the upcoming series between these two old rivals.

Aside from talking Spurs vs. Mavericks, Brian also runs The Cuban Revolution. A site where you can enjoy many topics and opinions on what’s in the news around the world. I’m proud to say I’ve been interviewed for The Cuban Revolution. The site is a MUST visit! 

Brian is also coming out with a new book titled “You Don’t Say” The First Amendment and Hate Speech in Social Media. Keep checking his site for details on the release date.

And now for the nitty-gritty.

It’s the Spurs versus the Mavericks once again! This rivalry is intense. From pushing-and-shoving, to heartbreaking losses for both teams, Spurs and Mavericks fans know to expect the unexpected anytime these two teams tangle in the playoffs.

So without further adieu, here is the Q&A with Brian Cuban:

JG: Another post-season begins in the NBA and another Spurs vs. Mavericks match-up.  The Mavericks come into the match-up with the Spurs riding a win against them in the final game of the regular-season and thus taking the season series 3-1. How much of a factor is that for Dallas?

BC: I don’t think its a factor at all.  The playoffs are a different style of win or go home basketball, all bets are off.

JG: Spurs rookie, DeJuan Blair put up some impressive numbers in the final regular-season game against Dallas. In case you forgot, he finished with 27 points and 23 rebounds. How will Dallas adjust in game one?

BC: Being a graduate of Pitt I am a huge fan of DeJuan Blair. Obviously we are going have to deal with him but it remains to be seen how many minutes he actually gets in the playoffs.

JG: Sure Dallas beat San Antonio in the final game but it was a win without Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and George Hill sat for the rest of the game after tweaking his ankle. What can Dallas take away from that heading into the playoffs?

BC: I don’t think we take anything away from it.  Even if we had beat them at full strength the playoffs are a different animal.

JG: What are your keys to the game for Dallas to beat San Antonio in this series and can the Mavericks make it to the NBA Finals?

BC: Tim is going to get his double-double. I think the key will be putting pressure on Parker and not letting Ginobili get to many easy 3’s. We need to slow him down. We also can not let the Spurs bench eat us alive.  The West is so balanced this year the Mavs have a good a chance as anyone to make it to the finals.

JG: This will be yet another chapter in the long history of this rivalry between Dallas and San Antonio. What are some of your fondest memories of this rivalry?

BC: There are so many great match-ups. From a Mavs fan standpoint it would have to be Game 7 of the 2006 playoffs against the Spurs. 119-111 OT win sending us to the WC finals for the 1st time.

Thanks to Brian for taking time to do this Q&A. Oh and Project Spurs has a bet with Brian on this series. Whichever team advances, the loser has to put up a banner of the winners site on our respective blog. Yeah . . . uhhhhh . . . go Spurs go!