Ginobili still says he will listen to offers

By now, all Spurs fans know the contract situation with Manu Ginobili.

At the end of this season, he will be a free-agent and a desirable player for any team to add. And with the way he has been playing in the second half of the Spurs regular season, his value is only increasing thus making it more difficult for the franchise to offer him anything less than what he is making now.

Coupled with the fact the Spurs financial situation is not looking good after this season, things will get interesting when dealing with Ginobili’s future in San Antonio.

That being said, in a recent interview with, Manu says he will still listen to offers from other NBA teams when he becomes a free-agent but right now is not the right time to discuss his contract situation with the playoffs fast approaching:

“A no ser que me soprendan con una gran cifra… Igual, no creo que éste sea un buen momento para hablar de dinero porque se viene la parte más importante de la temporada, los playoffs”

La situación parece clara. Hasta julio difícilmente haya novedades. “Sé que no voy a quedarme sin trabajo. Y no estoy actuando con rencor. Esto es un negocio y tengo que hacer lo que más me convenga. Cuando llegue el momento, me reuniré con mi esposa y pondremos todo sobre la mesa para tomar una decisión”, afirmó Manu.

In the article Ginobili does say he is not playing to prove anything. Just playing to win.

También señaló: “No estoy jugando para demostrar nada, siempre juego para ganar”

As Spurs fans we all can do is just sit and wait and hope the Spurs make the right decision and resign Ginobili.