The Ultimate Spurs Man Cave

man cave

Every Spurs fan has their own special, sacred place they love to watch Spurs games. Whether it’s their favorite sports bar, their den or even their bedroom, paired with an old 20-inch TV.

But aside from having courtside seats, I started thinking about what the ultimate Spurs game-watching venue would be, and for me it would be my own Spurs man cave.

Let’s start with seating.  Every man has to have his throne, and how can you go wrong with a 2007 Spurs Championship leather recliner, fitted with two large cupholders for double the beer and double the liver damage.

But what’s a game without a few of your best buds. For as much as they’ll be at the edge of their seats or jumping up in the air, you should be sure to have a cushy and comfortable spot for your buds.

Look no further than the Spurs “Hardcourt Collection” sofa. This three-seater is black, made of polyester micro fiber and adorned with the Spurs primary logo.

The sofa and recliner are a bit pricey so if you must get this approved by your significant other, it wouldn’t hurt to add a few of those throw pillows they love so much. You can get a few 16×16 embroidered plush pillows for about $25 each.

Now that you’ve got seating down, what are you going to watch the game on? Sure you could go with a 52-inch LCD HDTV, but this is the ultimate man cave after all.

In a hardwood gear rack towards the back of your room, you will have your cable or satellite receiver going into an Epson Movie Mate 72 All-In-One DVD LCD Projector. The MovieMate will display a 720P HD image, has a dvd player for that collection of Spurs Championship DVDs and you can even connect your iPod to it to listen to the

latest episodes of the Spurscast.

You’ll display your projector on an Elite Screens EZ Fixed Frame 106″ projector screen. Nobody wants their man cave to look like a classroom with a pull-down screen, so the ez frame is perfect.  It’s also on a high contrast gray material for a true theater appearance.

But what’s great video without great sound. You’ll finish off your home theater with the Onkyo HT-25200 7.1 Channel home theater system. The system comes with one of Onkyo’s famed revivers, seven surround speakers and a sub. With this system, you’ll likely hear, and feel, every dunk.

So now that we have you set up for game time, what about pre-game, halftime and post- game.

Instead of going out to your local pub, any self-respecting Spurs man cave owner would have his own home pub.  Aside from a full bar set up, with your favorite beverages on tap, you’ll be sure to have Spurs pub tables, bar stools, neon clock and even silver & black-themed lighting.

You’ll surely never be bored before and after games in your pub, especially when it’s outfitted with a Spurs mini golf putting green, pool table and dartboard. But we won’t stop there, what’s a Spurs pub without the right flooring.  Everything Furniture has just the thing, silver and white checkered tiling with the Spurs secondary logo displayed prominently.

So a full pub, comfy seating, a home theater setup and even Spurs lighting. The only thing to complete my ideal man cave would be a few wall hangings. The Fanhouse shop has a George Gervin 24×18 autographed piece that will get you started on the right foot. Add to that a Spurs Dynasty banner, a framed panoramic celebrating the Spurs 2005 Championship, a few framed jerseys and maybe even my favorite Garbage Time All-Stars poster.

I realize that I’ve made this man cave so expensive, with a price tag coming in at $8,291.49, that not many fans aside from Peter Holt can afford it, but you can’t use the word “ultimate” when money is an issue. So let’s end with something even more unrealistic. Once the Spurs win, the game is over, your buddies are gone and you’ve turned off the lights in your man cave, hopefully you’ll have this waiting for you back in the main annex of your home.  Truly any Spurs fan’s dream.

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