Mailbag: 5th Championship in Store?

With all the moves the Spurs made this offseason, do you think they will win it all this season? – Andre Jimno

Larry O'Brien TrophyLike last week’s question, this is something we’ll talk about in-depth in our season preview coming up early next week, but I’ll touch on it a bit here as well. I think in order to win it all, they will have to be completely healthy if they meet the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. At the same time, I’m probably slighting several other teams who could probably challenge the Spurs.

The Western Conference will be a lot tougher this season with several teams making big moves to compete for a championship. I think the Spurs have probably done the best in the offseason, but I really don’t think it gets them past the Lakers in seven games.  Reason could revolve around the big man match-up.  Do the Spurs have enough to contend with Gasol, Odom and Bynum with the current crop of Spurs bigs?  Nonetheless it would make for a very good, and close series.

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